Unlock the Possibilities of Semi-Inground Pools

October 16, 2016

If your backyard entertaining isn’t quite complete, and you have dreamed of a stunningly landscaped pool, creating the perfect oasis for your family and guests to enjoy, but have a difficult site, you may consider a semi inground pool.

Semi inground pools are a great alternative to a completely in ground pool or an above ground pool and can be much more easily built in most types of backyards.

Blue Haven Pools Managing Director Remonda Martinez says semi inground pools are a great alternative to the above ground pool and when landscaped beautifully, can look just as appealing as an in-ground pool.

“We have had several customers who have easements or plumbing issues or other difficulties with their site and have always assumed they couldn’t enjoy the benefits of a Blue Haven pool, this simply isn’t the case,” she says.

“When we explore with them the many benefits of a semi inground pool, including how adaptable they are to difficult sites, they really do tick a lot of the boxes our customers are after.”
Semi inground pools are much more affordable, as they require less earthworks and require much less time to install.

“With traditional inground pools, there is a considerable amount of construction required, they are built all the way into the ground so all the dirt has to be dug out and taken away, this adds to both the time and cost of the pool,” Ms Martinez says.

“There is always the option of building a deck around the pool and this not only makes the pool easier to get in and out of, it can also make it almost indistinguishable from an in-ground pool.”

With the right decking and landscaping, you too can enjoy the benefits of a beautiful entertaining and family space, that will provide all the same benefits of a fully in-ground pool.

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