Colour yourself happy!

April 26, 2016

The colour of your pool should reflect your personal style and seamlessly integrate into your home design. Choosing the colour of your pool can be an overwhelming process as there are a huge range of colours to pick from! No matter how daunting this task maybe, understanding what each colour family achieves can help you narrow it down significantly.

Warm tones create a welcoming environment and when done right, can give the illusion of a beach-like paradise. Surrounding warm, inviting tones with palms and tropical plants is a sure fire way to create your own slice of heaven in your very own backyard.

Cool tones create a clean, modern refreshing look, that suit simplistic and structured landscape designs. If you are more dramatic than most, you could indulge yourself in a dark, romantic hue that will truly be the centrepiece to your backyard.

Bright coloured hues can create a modern effect and work well with modern surrounds, architecture and tropical gardens.
Gone are the days of just a handful of pool tile colours or surfaces available in just standard hues – there are dozens of different materials in a kaleidoscope of colours… so get creative!

Ultimately, the colour of your pool should reflect the individual style and personality of your family, and it’s always a great idea to come in and talk to a professional about the final look you want to achieve.

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