4 Things to Look For in a Pool Builder

September 14, 2018

If you’ve decided you’d like to install a pool in your home, then you’ll understand that making sure you choose the right builder is a priority. Making sure you choose the builder will save you time, money, and stress as the job is done properly. Here are 4 key things you should look for in a builder;


1-Ensure the builder has Home Owners Warranty insurance

Before deciding on a builder, check that their builders licence is valid and they are eligible for Home Owners Warranty which provides Government protection if the builder cannot fulfil the contract due to illness or liquidation. Having a valid policy in place for anything over $20,000 is your safeguard during the building process and also the statutory warranty period.  Blue Haven Pools has proudly offered their Insurances to 100% of contracts over $20,000.

2-Do they have a display centre?

Some builders work out of the back of their ute which won’t offer peace of mind like a builder with a bricks and mortar display and business premises.  Blue Haven Pools showcase the largest showrooms in the southern hemisphere and have resided in most of their showrooms for the last 20 years.

3-Ask for an on-site quote to be conducted

A builder cannot usually provide an accurate quote if they don’t have a good idea of what you’re asking for. A quality builder will carefully assess the working space to give you the most accurate offer after explaining their plans with you.  They will check for things like access, power lines, slope of land and assess your overall landscaping vision. Some pool builders want to do the pool only and leave the correction of site levels to your landscaper which can be more costly than a properly designed pool which integrates the pool with hardscape and retaining walls at once. All under one local government design approval and one construction contract and timeline.

4-Ensure you understand what is involved

Your builder should be able to confidently explain the payment process that is involved with your pool installation – including all costs. If your builder uses complicated terminology, or cannot explain why they are charging you and for what, it is likely that they are being dishonest with you. Your builder should also be able to confidently take you through your contract, informing you of your obligations and risks prior to signing and paying.

Beware of builders charging heavily upfront for things like tipping, fencing, power and and all the incidentals with pool building that would be much more affordable if you were to deal direct with quality local trades like your local fencing contractor or electrician.

Some builders want to give the highest price just so they can rubbish the lower priced pool quote but at Blue Haven we firmly believe there’s so much you can do locally and directly which saves you money which is why it’s transparently not included.

Want a builder you can trust? Speak to our friendly team at Blue Haven Pools & Spas today on 13 20 25 or visit your nearest showroom.

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