4 of the World’s Most Expensive Swimming Pools

April 8, 2015

As many swimming pool owners will attest, it is hard to stay within budget when designing your dream swimming pool. The following swimming pools will take your breath away, with both their design features and budgets absolutely mind blowing.

4. Y 40 Pool, Italy

Designed by architect Emanuele Boaretto this swimming pool is Guinness World Record certified as the world’s deepest swimming pool. Located in the four star Hotel Terme Millepini the swimming pool measures 21m x 18m and 40 metres deep and boasts 4300 litres of spa water maintained at a constant temperature of between 32 and 34 degrees Celsius so that divers can do so without a wetsuit.  It is estimated to have cost more than $1 billion to construct.

3. Crystal Lagoon San Alfonso Del Mar, Algarrobo, Chile

Located in the resort town of Algarrobo on Chile’s southern coast, the San Alfonso del Mar is not only one of the world’s most expensive swimming pools, it is also one of the biggest. With a price tag of $2 billion and taking five years to build the swimming pool which was named the world’s largest by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2008 is 1.3 km in length and measures more than 8 hectares. Developers used a salt-water filtering technology to purify more than 2.5 million liters of ocean water to fill the pool. It opened in 2007 as part of the San Alfonso del Mar resort, which is home to thousands of apartments, condominiums and hotel rooms.

2. City of Stars, Egypt

Located in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, this pool is part of the City of Stars resort complex and covers 8.5 hectares. Residents and guests can swim or even sail a boat in this pool that cost more than $5.5 billion to build.

1. Soma Bay, Red Sea

More like a lake than a swimming pool the Soma Bay pool features 18 interconnecting pools covering more than 12 hectares. With a staggering price tag of $12 billion the pool is the world’s most expensive.

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