3D Printer creates luxury swimming pool

November 8, 2016

Picture your dream swimming pool. Now create some plans, incorporating your desired colours and materials. Hook it up to a 3D printer and click print and hey presto there it is!

While it may sound like something straight out of the futuristic cartoon The Jetsons, modern technology is allowing us to create virtually anything we want with the click of a button.

White Clouds, a 3D printing company in America has created the first ever swimming pool from 3D plans. Built in conjunction with Cutting Edge Pools, the replica swimming pool was designed and then printed in 3D to show the client exactly what they were going to get, just on a smaller scale. The goal of the model was to display the finished product prior to actual construction.

To build the mini replica, White Clouds used a variety of software programs which many of us have installed on our own PC including Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Completed in less than a week, with six hours to print the 3D replica, the owners were able to view exactly how their pool would look with a five-foot 3D model complete with sandstone-like finishes.

The technology is an indication of the future services swimming pool builders will be able to offer their clients. Because customers may struggle to envisage how a design might turn out, 3D printers enable them to see the finished product on a smaller scale.

Needless to say the client was more than impressed and gave the pool builders the green light to create a full size version of their dream swimming pool.

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