Concrete Pool Construction


Positioning your Pool

The first step in building any swimming pool is to make some space and the biggest advantage with a re-inforced concrete pool is that the size and shape of the pool are limited only by your imagination.

Marking out your Pool

Then we begin by marking out your pool ready for excavation.

Excavation your Pool

A huge variety of excavation machinery is available, so whether you have 1 or 3 metres access, the job can still be done accurately and efficiently.

Perhaps not pretty, but exciting to watch; as our experienced excavator carves out the exact size, shape and depth of your pool.


Forming & Shaping your Pool

Once the right size hole has been carved out of the ground, the builder places formwork where the concrete pool is going to be constructed.

Your concrete pool can be formed into practically any shape enabling the best use of space for your backyard and the features that suit your family’s needs, keeping in mind that your pool will be an extension of your house theme.


Why Re-inforce Steel?

Steel re-inforcement is the backbone of a well built concrete pool. Blue Haven creates the skeleton of your pool using specially developed steel bars that have proven their durability over the years in 1000s of swimming pools all over Australia.

Re-inforced Concrete Pools

Re-inforced concrete pools can be built almost anywhere – even on sloping sites – and they are expeciall apt for building in areas with reactive clay soils, where they can comfortably withstand the constant movement and heaving of the soil.

Steel Fixing

Our skilled steel fixers place each steel bar individually to form your pools skeleton. This is carried out to our engineer’s and council’s rigid specifications.


Our Dedicated Team

Our qualified spray crew start sculpturing the final shape and contours of your pool.

The introduction of concrete spraying technology has enabled pool builders to maximise the free-form nature of a concrete to make the best use of space and to create a truly unique pool – in fact, just about every re-inforced concrete pool is a genuine one-off.

Fixing the Concrete!

The sprayed concrete is then trowelled down and work can begin on applying whatever has been chosen.


Choosing the right Coping for your Pool

The choice of coping is only limited by your imagination, so talk to our experienced team to help you choose the right coping to compliment your pool’s final look.

Free-form Coping

For finishing touches select from Blue Haven’s large range of pavers, rock or aggregates for the free-form or in-formal concrete pools allowing all coping materials to be skillfully laid by Blue Haven’s dedicated tradespeople.

Formal Coping

For formal touches select from Blue Haven’s almost unending range of pavers, tiles or stones.



Concrete offeres the greatest range of finishing options for your swimming pools.

A wide range of finishes can be applied including: Pebblecrete, Quartzon, Glass beads, Paint, Tiles, Fibreglass, Vinyl, Rock or Render, just to list a few.

Whether it’s light or dark blue, green or natural water you are trying to achieve, Blue Haven have the right interior finish for your pool.


Pool plumbing is done in two stages. The first stage is where the skimmer box, return lines, light conduits, heating provisions, water feature provisions, swim jets line, air grid and all spa jet systems. The concrete shell is then cast over the steel cage. The plumbing lines are then continued outside of the shell and trails back to the filter location. The final stage of plumbing also includes the connection of the pool equipment like all pumps, heating, filtration and sanitisation.


Perfect Outdoor Living!

Create your own tropical paradise, from beaches to jetties, rock to rock waterfalls or just tropical gardens, Blue Haven will help custom design the right landscaping package to ultimately finish your Blue Haven dream.

The People’s Choice!

Blue Haven Pools & Spas have become the people’s choice when it comes to pool building and our experience and history has made Blue Haven the largest pool builder in Australia.

Our Aim!

Blue Haven’s aim is to build you a pool that enhances your family’s lifestyle and budget that ultimately adds value to your property.


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Examples of our Work & Craftsmanship

Why not let our pools speak for us. Take a look at the variety of Blue Haven Pools that we've delivered to satisfied customers over our illustrious 40-year history as premium pool providers.